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Chapter 1: Singapore Baptist Convention

SINGAPORE BAPTIST CONVENTION, aka ‘SBC’, was established on 28 December 1974 as an association of Baptist Churches sharing like-minded passion to work together to fulfill the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ. By bonding together, we enjoy the warmth, encouragement and support of an extended family, empowering us to widen our outreach and deepen our impact in nurturing and growing our churches for God’s glory. 
The SBC logo captures the essence of our corporate mission:
  • The three horns represent the clarion call to come together to proclaim the Gospel to the ends of the world. In three different shades of blue, they stick together to represent our unity and common mission despite the autonomy of each member church. The three horns also represent the tripartite voluntary cooperation among Pastors, Lay Leaders and Church Members working together as a team.
  • The cross at the apex reminds us that our mission and ministry must always be Christ-centred.
  • The corporate blue colour of the logo represents water and is synonymous with baptism by immersion.
The SBC office exists to unite and serve Baptist Churches and work together with member churches to nurture and grow the Baptist community. The Convention Office does not direct member churches what to do or assume the role of a church. Its primary role is to establish a sense of unity and co-operative spirit amongst our member churches to promote mutual encouragement, ministry partnership and membership development.
This role embodies four “firm” functions:
  • Facilitator – providing resource information and assistance helping to make it easier and more efficient for member churches to get things done well
  • Initiator – creating awareness or start-up for member churches to collaborate in the areas of mission, evangelistic outreach, seminar, conference, etc.
  • Researcher – developing relationships and networking with other denominational and mission organisations to share and exchange resources for the extension of God’s Kingdom
  • Manager – managing financial and other resources to serve the Baptist community and ensuring compliance with corporate governance
SBC is also affiliated with the Baptist World Alliance with a global membership of 100 million Baptists and the Asia Pacific Baptist Federation with a regional membership of 4.5 million Baptists.
Our principal focus of ministry is in three key areas:
1. Mutual Encouragement
Providing opportunities for our Pastors, Ministers and Lay Leaders to grow in their ministry effectiveness and personal development through:
  • Retreats, seminars and conferences organized by the Pastoral Development Institute (PDI) and the Pastors & Co-workers Fellowship (PCWF)
  • Monthly Fellowships for Pastors & Ministers
  • Peer mentoring for Pastors and Ministers managed by PDI
  • Dialogues and Focus Groups among Pastors & Ministers
2.  Ministry Partnership
Encouraging member churches to pool resources together for extended ministry effectiveness and wider impact through:
  • Mission ventures, trips and support
  • Conferences on leadership and spiritual renewal
  • Partnership in evangelistic outreach and church planting
  • Sharing insights and organizing events targeted at Lay Leaders (Baptist Lay Leaders Network), Youths (Baptist Youth Leaders Network), and Women (Women’s Department)
3. Membership Development
Building Baptist identity and bonding among church leaders and members to prepare them for co-operation in evangelistic outreach and growing the Baptist community through:
  • Challenging the Baptist community to grow numerically and spiritually
  • Cultivating a strong sense of identity and ‘belonging-ness’ to a united Baptist family
  • Creating networking opportunities and bonding amongst Baptists
The Singapore Baptist Convention also has extended ministry to the Baptist community and the nation through several Agencies. These are:
  • Baptist Theological Seminary – providing formal theological education to train men and women who are called by the Lord to serve as Pastors, Ministers and Missionaries
  • Baptist Golden Age Home – providing social and spiritual care for the elderly without family support
  • Baptist Community Care – providing financial, social and educational aids to those who are disadvantaged in society
  • Baptist Book Store – providing Christian literature and media for personal development and Christian Education programme for children, youths and adults
Convention Chairman / Council / Executive Committee
The Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Singapore Baptist Convention are elected to serve a two-year term at the Annual General Meeting. They represent the collective interests of member churches grouped together which is called the Council. The Singapore Baptist Convention is governed by an Executive Committee comprising of nine members (Pastors and Lay Leaders) who are elected at the Annual General Meeting to serve a two-year term. Except for the Treasurer, the Chairman, Vice Chairman and Executive Committee members are eligible for re-election. The day-to-day operation of the Convention Office is managed by the Executive Director and supported by several staff. The Executive Committee provides corporate guidance, counsel and governance to the Executive Director.
Member churches elect representatives (known as Messengers) to attend the quarterly Council Meetings and the Annual General Meeting. Council Meetings are convened to keep member churches informed of ministry development and income-expense account, obtain feedback on issues faced by the Baptist community and to make decisions on matters requiring approval of the Council. Financial statements are presented at every Council Meeting. The Annual Budget is presented for approval at the Annual General Meeting with the Annual Reports of the various Departments and the audited Annual Financial Statements (September to August).
The ministry of the Singapore Baptist Convention is funded by donations from member churches who pledged to make contributions upon joining the Convention. The Convention also welcomes donations from individual members and business corporations. Individuals can also make Singapore Baptist Convention the beneficiary of their insurance, personal will and CPF payout.