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2017 Oct EDN

God’s Call for the Singapore Baptist Convention 43rd Annual General Meeting on 14th October 2017
We are 43 years old.
From a human perspective, we should be happily settled in our career, with children in their teens, and owners of our homes (private or HDBs), and for some, an affordable car for commuting. From a spiritual perspective, however, we never count our years or our possessions (or lack thereof). Because both resources are given by God, not for our ownership but for our stewardship.
As we gather on Saturday, 14th October, for our 43rd Annual General Meeting, what will be on our minds? While we are discussing about the plans and budgets, we must not let God be relegated to a mere “quiet listener” or bystander. If we do that, then there’s no difference between a secular AGM and ours. May we not view our 43rd AGM as a shareholders meeting, a business transaction characterized by intelligent deliberation, and culminating in a decision by the “raising of hands” or by a voting slip of “Yes” or a “No”. Isn’t the AGM a review (report) of what God has done in the past fiscal year? Isn’t the AGM a preview of what God will do in the year ahead? The answer to both questions is an unqualified and resounding YES. And the common factor in both questions is Yahweh.
“Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labour in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain” (Psalm 127:1)
Our plans for 2018 must not be generated by human ingenuity, even with our best intentions. A vision, rather, it should be one that is generated by God, and accepted with trembling human hands and feet, as we pondered over what the Psalmist has declared.
Singapore Baptist Convention is an association of 37 (+ 2 in 2018) member churches. Membership in these churches range from 30 to 2000, of diverse demographics, ethnicity, and core values. God has gathered us as one Body in Christ, first and foremost. But more than that, God has gathered us as one body of Baptists, in unity of hearts, serving God (worship) and serving one another (fellowship in Christ). As a Baptist community, a unified wholesome body of believers, we are mandated to advance the Gospel and reach the lost for Jesus. To support this God-given vision and mission to advance the Gospel, we experience the tension between limited resources and a God-sized mission. As leaders of the respective 37 churches, we shoulder the responsibility to bridge the gap between the resources of our budget and the results that we endeavour to accomplish the advancement of the Gospel.
Let us attend the AGM with a sense of calling. God has called the Baptist community together to partner Him in the greatest venture ever, on this side of eternity!
Join us for tea fellowship at 3:00pm; then we will adjourn into the meeting proper at 4:00pm. I look forward with great anticipation, to review what God has done; and to preview what God will do in the coming year. And let us be emboldened by God in our deliberation and decision – as a Baptist family, we take a bold step of faith, seeking to glorify God’s Name and magnifying His grace in our 43rd AGM!
Blessings on behalf of Co-Labourers in the Convention,
Rev. Dr. Bobby Lee
Executive Director