Holistic Care & Concern

“And Pharaoh said to his servants, “Can we find a man like this, in whom is the Spirit of God?”

Genesis 41:38 (ESV)

Like Joseph, we need to be people of whom there can be no doubt – we are those “in whom is the Spirit of God” (Genesis 41:38). And given the account of Joseph, it seems clear that God wants at least some believers to be involved in businesses and governments for humanitarian purposes, for a public witness, and for a global impact.

God’s divine hand was upon Joseph, working through Joseph’s life to carry out God’s divine grace and mercy upon the nations. The same can and will be said about God’s divine hand upon the faithful churches!

God takes the work of our hands, and avail it for the welfare and well-being of God’s created beings, the men and women that populate the earth.

When the Singapore Baptist Convention’s 37 member churches unite in one heart and mind, our “5 loaves and 2 fish” (Matthew. 14:13-21), our “1,2, & 5 talents” (Matthew. 25:14-30), when offered without reservation for the Lord’s use, would not God open the windows of heaven and pour down for us a blessing until there is no more need (Malachi 3:10)?

Rev. Dr. Bobby Lee
Executive Director, Singapore Baptist Convention

The Focus of Holistic Care & Concern (HCC)

1. Humanitarian Response

This is a trans-border acts of Christian service.

Increasingly, we are encountering disasters all over the world. Fires, Famines, Droughts, Diseases, to name a few, are the headlines of newsprints and newsreels. Believers are praying more than ever before. However, we can, if God willing, go beyond the intangibles of prayer, to the tangible acts of love and benevolence.

HCC will be channel whereby financial resources will be gathered and remitted to the disaster-hit areas, beyond the shores of Singapore.

2. Community Welfare

This is a local, Singapore’s community needs.

While Singapore is a first-world nation, there are still pockets of people in our midst who are severely under-resourced. The Singapore Government has been at the forefront of providing help, both financial, as well as in kind.

Our Baptist Family, as part of the bigger church community in Singapore, can step up and be a contributor to better the lives of those who are under-resourced, and in need of a helping hand (not hand-out).

HCC will be the channel for representing the interests and actions of the 37 member churches to meet the challenges of the poverty-stricken community.

3. Member’s Care & Counsel

This is the ministry of care and counsel for the 37 member churches under the Singapore Baptist Convention.

We are available to partner the Baptist churches, through the provision of Christian care and Counsel. The people serving in the churches, such as pastors, ministry workers, and even volunteers can access our services of caring, and of counseling.

We have a team of pastors, counselors, and ministry workers who can identify, and understand the challenges of full-time ministry in today’s churches.

HCC’s approach is one of a fellow-pilgrim, walking alongside the people who are in need of a listening ear, a wise counsel, or simply, a sharing of experiences.

Get Involved

We are always on the look-out for more volunteers. If you are keen to know more about how you can be involved with HCC, please contact us.

Give us a call at (65) 6253 8004 today, or leave a message at our email: info@baptistconvention.org.sg.