Mission Department

The Vision

Singapore Baptist Convention’s vision is to “Unite to Finish the Task” (UFT), to fulfil the Great Commission. The Mission department made the call to our churches and established three main areas in order to reach the goal:

1. To reach out to the Unreached People Group (UPG*) and Unengaged Unreached People Group (UUPG**);

2. To plant churches within the UPG and UUPG;

3. That God may be glorified as a result.

*UPG: A people group is unreached when less than 2% of the population follows Jesus. Essentially that means that the local church isn’t yet able to multiply itself and lead the evangelization of the rest of the people group.

**UUPG: An unengaged people group as one with “no believer, no Bible, and no body of Christ.” In other words, there’s no church presence.

The Commitment

With the above Vision, we are committed to:

  • Step up the communication of the vision with churches,
  • Be the catalyst in synergizing the efforts of Convention, Seminary, and Churches so that we can work to align long-term mission goals,
  • Adjust Convention programmes in order to facilitate better co-ordination,
  • Introduce funding mechanisms/campaigns for the vision,
  • Engage with Conventions of other countries,
  • Engage with more churches of ethnic groups,
  • Assist local English and Chinese churches to share similar mission visions.

The Strategy

To mobilize our Singapore Baptist Churches towards The Vision, we are currently focusing on the following:

1. Engaging Indonesia

To strategize with the Union of Indonesian Baptist Churches and Singapore Baptist Convention to “Uniting to Finish the Task” in Indonesia. Stirring excitement to foster partnerships between Singaporean and Indonesian churches to adopt and plant churches among the UUPG.

2. Engaging the Philippines

Continue to reinforce our partnership with Dr. Andy Esguerra of the Southwestern Training Centre for Global Leaders in Mindoro, Philippines. Establishing partnerships between Singaporean and Filipino churches to adopt and plant churches among the UUPG.

3. Engaging the ASEAN countries

To connect with the ASEAN Conventions of Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Singapore to form a network for The Vision, and to partner with the Mission Director of the Asia Pacific Baptist Federation (APBF) in order to implement it.

4. Engaging Singaporean churches

Organize a Mission Conference in March 2022 so our Singapore churches can “Unite to Finish the Task”.  Invite speakers and churches that resonate with mission experiences to testify and rally greater partnerships for planting churches in the UUPG areas.

5. Next Steps: How Can My Church Be Involved?

Your church can be involved through the following ways:

  • By partnering to support local missionary units and their ministry to the unengaged unreached people group (UUPG) and unreached people group (UPG). Local missionaries have fewer cross-cultural barriers and less reservations with UUPG / UPG for being a part of their community.
  • By channeling funds and providing missionary support through SBC Mission. We partner with their Convention churches for missionary care and development for church planting.
  • You may choose the following funding options available in the attachment (see link below) according to your burden. SBC Mission is happy to help with any assistance.

Newsletters & Prayer Requests (Eng & 中文)

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Partnerships & Collaborations

For churches, seminaries, or other organizations keen on partnering with the Mission Department for mission-related initiatives and projects, you may contact the following persons:

Rev Andrew Tjang (Mission Director)

Mr David Kou (Mission Coordinator)

Rev Gerald Lim (Mission Consultant)