Executive Director’s Newsletters

ED Newsletter: September 2021

A New Ministry in 2022

This new ministry, Holistic Care & Concern (HCC) aims for a holistic approach to community care and concern, encapsulating the emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, and economic wellbeing of a person. HCC shall focus on 3 main fronts: Humanitarian response, Community welfare, and Members’ care and counsel.

ED Newsletter: July 2021 (7月份)

Gospel: Good News and Good Works | 福音: 好消息和好事工

God worked through Joseph to preserve and protect the people of Egypt from a famine. Joseph’s actions saved countless lives from a famine that lasted 7 years. From Joseph’s life, we will learn the importance of faithful stewardship, of wise planning and preparation, to overcome a country-wide disaster.

ED Newsletter: May 2021

Stewards of Kingdom Resources

Every believer is entrusted with responsibility for the kingdom of God. Some will take this seriously and invest their lives wisely, and others will squander this responsibility. The part of the kingdom entrusted to each of us is precious to God. He has placed in our hands what is His. This is a sobering thought – to be stewards of kingdom resources.

ED Newsletter: March 2021

Unite to Finish the Task of World Evangelism

Reaching the whole world is a mammoth task that only God can conceive, and it is only God, in his sovereignty, can bring this Redemption to fruition. God’s divine plan was determined even before the creation of this world. The Bible teaches us that God is very clear in His plan and purpose – and that is to bring men and women, young, and old, rich and poor, from all corners of the earth, to be reconciled with God.

ED Newsletter: January 2021

SBC: Who Are We?

The Singapore Baptist Convention (SBC) was formed by the Baptist Churches in Singapore, with 9 founding members. SBC was not formed by a group of individuals with individualistic ideas and beliefs. SBC was formed by our forebears because God had united the fledgeling Baptist churches in the era of Singapore’s nation-building.

ED’s Greetings for 2021

A New Year, A New Normal

Singapore Baptist Convention (SBC) experienced an unprecedented year of COVID-19 Pandemic. Lives and livelihood took a tragic toll on the world. It will be some time before anyone can give an “all-clear” pronouncement signalling the end of COVID-19. As a result of COVID-19, the world calendar will be marked with a poignant milestone: “Pre-COVID, and Post-COVID.”

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