Important Updates from the Convention
Celebration of Hope 2019: Counsellors’ Dedication Service
The Dedication Service for Counsellors of COH will be conducted on 12 May 2019, Sunday, at the respective participating churches. This will be a time of affirmation, encouragement and edification to all Counsellors. A PowerPoint presentation has been provided for use during the dedication service (download link below).
The link redirects to the Convention cloud server on MEGA, uploaded on 9 May 2019.
News from Women’s Department: ABWU 2018 Conference
The Asian Baptist Women’s Union (ABWU) held their 13th Assembly Conference on 29 August until 1 September at Georgetown Baptist Church in Penang, Malaysia. Mrs Yeoh Lye Chan, Chairperson of the Women’s Department (WMU), shared a brief write-up of the event on behalf of all the delegates representing Singapore that attended.
The link redirects to a blog post on the Convention website, posted on 11 September.
Grace Baptist Church: Church Rebuilding & Thanksgiving 2017 (Video)
On 21 November 2015, Grace Baptist Church (GBC) embarked on a Rebuilding Programme that reached its completion in the second week of July 2017. GBC has since returned to its premise at 17 Mattar Road, on 17 September 2017. Below is a link to a video edited and produced by members of GBC, for their Thanksgiving and Anniversary Service in 2017.
The link redirects to a video posted on Grace Baptist Church, Singapore’s YouTube channel, uploaded on 15 Sep.