Let Us Pray For You
This is a monthly prayer request platform for Convention staff, Ex-Co members, S.H.O.P. attendees as well as members of Baptist Churches to support one another in prayer. The prayer requests submitted via the form below will remain on our website for the stated month only. New prayer requests will be accepted in the preceding month.
For more information or inquiries, please contact <>.
To submit a prayer request, click on the ‘Create prayer request’ button below and fill in the required fields in the pop-up form. A team of moderators (mods) from the Convention will be managing the requests.
Public Visibility (for Prayer Wall):
Everything : Pray for me and contact me to see how things are progressing.
Prayer Only : Pray for me but I don’t want the public to know who I am.
My Info Only : The public will know my name, but not my prayer request (mods can view).
Make Confidential : Moderators’ eyes only
Send Anonymously:
No : Personal information is visible to Moderators.
Yes : Anonymous to Moderators.
Email Notifications: Notify me with an email every time someone clicks that they’ve prayed for me. 
Important Note: Any personal data collected via this form will be kept confidential and strictly for follow-up purposes, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). By submitting your request through this form, you consent to Singapore Baptist Convention holding your personal information for the purposes mentioned above. Any information collected through this form will be purged at every 1st day of the month.

Anonymous, January 19, 2020 - 5:17 PM

For my preaching at ALBC on Sunday, 26 Jan 2020