Spotlight: International Japanese Church of Singapore (IJCS)

Vision & Direction of IJCS

1. IJCS as the Lighthouse for Japan’s Evangelism

IJCS will act as a role model for Japanese churches back in Japan, to evangelize to both Japanese and other nationalities, and organizing worship services catering to multi-national and multi-cultural congregations with Japanese as the main language.

IJCS as a congregation will demonstrate the partnership with God and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit in spreading the Love of God through:

  • Building a strong Spiritual foundation by continually seeking God for directions and guidance through prayer and Word, not only just within the council and pastor but as a congregation in unity.
  • Constantly nurture Spiritual growth by developing genuine care and love towards one another, supporting each other through prayers and mentor new believers.
  • Being a reflection of the Love of Christ to touch the lost (i.e. share the Love of Jesus through genuine friendship and care). This is especially important in reaching out to native Japanese where Christianity is a very sensitive topic to touch on.

2. Unity & Cross-Generation Worship

Being united as One Body in Christ is very important within the congregation. Changes in time should not become an obstacle for the congregation to come together to worship God as a united Body of Christ.

It is essential to recognize that there is a need for the worship style to progress with time in order for the younger generations to be able to relate, yet at the same time the traditional worship catered to the elder generation should not be neglected. Hence, to maintain the unity as One Body in Christ, it is crucial to develop a mutual respect and appreciation regardless of the worship style.

While IJCS is still a small congregation, it is the perfect environment to cultivate this mutual respect and appreciation through encouraging cross-generational worship. Cross-generational worship means that worship teams will consist of both the young and elder, leading worship together on the same stage, worshiping with both traditional and modern worship songs. This is to demonstrate a strong message of unity and that the focus of worship, no matter traditional or modern, should be pleasing God and not pleasing ourselves.

IJCS will continue to have the current traditional worship format, while at the same time include the rotation of cross-generational worship and youth services at regular intervals.

3. IJCS as the Bridge to Support Japanese Baptist Convention’s Vision for Asia Missions & Local Missionaries to Japan

IJCS will continue to support and cooperate with the Japanese Baptist Convention (JBC) in Asia Missions, by supporting Rev. Yorie Ito in her role as JBC’s Asia Mission Coordinator through providing the exchange ground and acting as a transit and bridge for native Japanese missionaries who have the calling for the Asia regions (including Singapore). Similarly, IJCS will also provide the nurturing ground and act as a transit and bridge for local missionaries who have the calling to Japan.

4. Inter-Denomination Cooperation

Regardless of church denominations, IJCS welcomes and encourages the cooperation in the evangelism to Japanese, both locally and in Japan.

More information on IJCS can be found on their website: