Women’s Missionary Union

The Women’s Missionary Union (WMU) of the Convention aims to foster mission awareness and participation of Baptist women by rallying them to pray together for the work of our Baptist churches and the Convention. We encourage all our sisters in Christ to participate in the Baptist Women’s World Day of Prayer and to contribute to Baptist work for women in Asia and worldwide.

Updates from the WMU

  • WMU 50th Anniversary & WDOP 2019
    主席 勉励FOREWORD by Mrs Yeoh-Chang Lye Chan 杨曾丽珍女士Chairwoman, Women’s Department 妇女部主席Singapore Baptist Convention 新加坡浸信联会 TO GOD BE THE GLORY! All glory to God whose faithfulness we have seen through all generations. I am honoured to share in His faithfulness shown to the Women’s Department of the Singapore Baptist Convention for […]
  • Asian Baptist Women’s Union: 13th Assembly
    Theme: “Created, Transformed and Empowered to Reach Out” 29 August – 1 September 2018 @ Georgetown Baptist Church, Penang, Malaysia “710 delegates from 19 countries gathered joyfully for all teaching sessions, and the 60th Anniversary Dinner at the Gurney Resort Hotel. 20 delegates from Singapore were represented by 7 Baptist […]

Partners & Affiliates of WMU

Asian Baptist Women’s Union (ABWU)

Our vision is to see women in Asia empowered for leadership, to confidently engage in various traditional and creative ministries, to bring the Gospel to the lost.

Website: https://www.asiabwu.org/